Ejection is one of three ways in which a housemate can leave the Big Brother House. When a housemate is ejected, they are removed from the House solely by Big Brother, usually for severe or continual breaking of the rules and behaviour which is deemed unacceptable by Big Brother. The other forms of leaving the house are:

  • Eviction, where a housemate is nominated then evicted by a public vote.
  • Walking, where a housemate volunteers to leave the House.
  • Winning, where a housemate wins their series and recieves a certain ammount of money.

Ejected HousematesEdit

The following housemates were ejected:

Big Brother UK 1 Nick Nick attempted to influence the nominations of other housemates, infamously earning him the nickname: "Nasty Nick".
Big Brother UK 5 Kitten Repeatedly broke the rules. This ejection was different from a usual ejection as Kitten was ejected live in the style of an eviction (minus the crowd) instead of being asked by Big Brother to leave via the back door.
Emma After being highly involved in a physical argument, deemed "Fight Night", Emma was ejected due to fears she could spark another fight.
Big Brother UK 7 Dawn Confessed to setting up a code with her family prior to entering the House in order for her to recieve information from the outside world. She received a message saying that her sister was ill, which was a coded message meaning Dawn was receiving negative press on the outside world.
Big Brother UK 8 Emily Used a racially offensive word in reference to fellow housemate, Charley. Despite arguing she used it in a context that was not intentionally racist, Big Brother ejected Emily in the early hours of the next morning. Big Brother received complaints for her ejection as it seemed that Big Brother was attempting to redeem itself for the race row scandal of Celebrity Big Brother 5.
Big Brother UK 9 Anexandra Following complaints about her bullying and abusive behaviour towards other housemates, Big Brother ejected Alexandra for making, what appeared to be, gang threats to the other housemates and their families.
Dennis During Spitgate, Dennis spat in Mohamed's face, despite claiming that no spit ever left his mouth and hit Mohamed.
Ultimate Big Brother Coolio After a huge row with Big Brother 5 winner and fellow housemate Nadia over Coolio trying to hide Nadia's shoes. Coolio had a 'mutual agreement' with Big Brother to leave the house.