An eviction is a process by which a housemate is removed from the Big Brother house, decided by a majority of the public vote. Once a housemate has been nominated for eviction, the viewing public can cast their votes for who they want to leave the house in a live eviction every Friday. The only other ways in which a housemate can leave the Big Brother house are:

  • Ejection, where a housemate is removed from the House solely by Big Brother, for rule breaking or unacceptable behaviour.
  • Walking, where a housemate volunteers to leave the House.
  • Winning, where a housemate wins their series and recieves a certain ammount of money.

It can be noted that the first evicted housemate of every main series of Big Brother so far has been female.

List of First Evictees Edit

Every evictee listed was the first housemate to leave the Big Brother House that season by eviction only.

Big Brother UK 1: Sada
Big Brother UK 2: Penny
Big Brother UK 3: Lynne(Second to leave)
Big Brother UK 4: Anouska
Big Brother UK 5: Vanessa(Third to leave)
Big Brother UK 6: Mary
Big Brother UK 7: Bonnie
Big Brother UK 8: Shabnam(Third to leave)
Big Brother UK 9: Stephanie
Big Brother UK 10: Sophia(Third to leave)
Big Brother UK 11: Rachael

In every main series of Big Brother, the first housemate to leave the House by any means was female, excluding series 7 where Shahbaz walked before the eviction or ejection of any other housemate.

In every main series of Big Brother, the first housemate to be evicted from the House was female.

Celebrity Big Brother 1: Chris Eubank
Celebrity Big Brother 2: Goldie
Celebrity Big Brother 3: Jackie Stallone
Celebrity Big Brother 4: Jodie Marsh
Celebrity Big Brother 5: Jackiey Budden
Celebrity Big Brother 6: Lucy Pinder
Celebrity Big Brother 7: Katia Ivanova

Teen Big Brother: Hasan
Big Brother Panto: n/a
Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack: Jade
Ultimate Big Brother: John(Second to leave)


Big Brother 9 Nicole Nicole recieved the hightest percentage ever, 94.04% with two other housemates up for for eviction.
Big Brother 10 Freddie Freddie survived the most evictions ever in Big Brother history.
Ultimate Big Brother John McCririck John was evicted with the closest percentage in Big Brother history with 50.6% of the vote against fellow housemate Coolio.