A nomination is a vote cast by one housemate to put another housemate up for evicition. Everyone housemate can make two nominations and the two or more housemates with the most nominations cast in their name will be nominated for evicted. The nominated housemates then face a public vote and the housemate with the greatest percentage of the public vote will be evicted from the House.

There may be an exception to this process or a "twist". Examples include:

  • New housemates who arrive sometime after Day 1 usually cannot make nominations or be nominated for eviction in their first week.
  • The housemates that will face eviction are decided by the success or failure of a task set by Big Brother.
  • A housemate is banned by Big Brother from making nominations one week for breaking rules, especially the rule regarding discussion of nominations.
  • A housemate is automatically nominated for eviction by Big Brother for rule breaking.
  • In the final week, no nominations are made and the public vote based on who is left.


Amanda & Sam Big Brother 8 Amanda & Sam recieved 0 nominations the entire 13 weeks they were in the house, making them the first and only finalist(s) to ever receive 0 nominations.
Although Stuart Wilson of Big Brother 5 also receieved 0 nominations during his entire stay, his eviction came 2 days before the final as part of a surprise eviction.
Freddie/Halfwit Big Brother 10 Freddie was nominated every week in the 11 weeks he spent in the house except for two evictions.
Sunshine Big Brother 11 Sunshine recieved the most nominations in one week ever, receiving 10 nominations.