Walking is the process by which a housemate leaves the Big Brother House voluntarily if he or she no longer wishes to take part in the show. Housemates are allowed to walk at any time throughout the series. When a housemate wishes to walk, they come to the Diary Room (UK) where Big Brother will give the housemates time to think over their decision. When a housemate has made up their mind to leave they exit through the back door or through the second door in the Diary Room. The departure of the housemate is normally revealed to the other housemates later in the day in the case of a housemate leaving without the rest of the housemates knowing. The other ways in which a housemate can leave the Big Brother House are:

  • Ejection, where a housemate is removed from the House solely by Big Brother, for rule breaking or unacceptable behaviour.
  • Eviction, where a housemate is nominated then evicted by a public vote.
  • Winning, where a housemate wins their series and recieves a prize.

The following housemates chose to leave the show:

Sunita (Big Brother UK 3)
Sandy (Big Brother UK 3)
Orlaith (Big Brother UK 6)
Shahbaz (Big Brother UK 7)
George (Big Brother UK 7)
Laura (Big Brother UK 8)
Jonathon (Big Brother UK 8)
Chanelle (Big Brother UK 8)
Maysoon (Big Brother UK 9)
Saffia (Big Brother UK 10)
Kenneth (Big Brother UK 10)
Tom (Big Brother UK 10)
Isaac (Big Brother UK 10)
Shabby (Big Brother UK 11)
Caiomhe (Big Brother UK 11)
Keeley (Big Brother UK 11) due to injury
Laura (Big Brother UK 11)
Josie (Ultimate Big Brother)

Every season in which a housemate chose to walk, the first one to do so was a female with the exception of season 7.